Finding a Key Code

Key by Key Code

The key code is a code from the lock manufacturer and specifies which key will open the lock. The key code specifies both which blank to use and how to cut it. A key cut to code meets the original factory specifications and has no wear. Unless the lock is new, it is not certain that a key cut to code will open the lock. The lock may be altered, soiled or defective.

We have several code programs and code books available to produce the correct key from your key code. We also have almost 20 years of practical experience. We check the key code against the other details you have supplied: vehicle make, model and year of build.

A key cut to code may be a good solution for people who have a lock without a key. It is also a comfortable way of ordering for people who are sure the key code will give them a working key.

Finding the key code

The key code consists of numbers and letters or only numbers. If the key code is available then these are common locations:

Ordering a Key to Code

You can check your key code using our Free Key Code Check. You can place your order on this page Key by Code.

Examples of Key Code Markings

keycode on key
keycode on label
keycode on lock
keycode on lock

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