Keycutting Service

Any key we sell... we can also cut!

we can always help you

Any key you buy from us, you can have cut buy us. You can send your existing key for duplication when you place your order. You can also have your key cut at a later date.

Tip: laserkeys and steel blades cannot be cut by all locksmiths. Some locksmiths do not have the equipment for this. Keys bought from us, you can always have cut by us. We also guarantee that the key can open your lock.

cutting service with guarantee

If you have bought a cut key from us then we guarantee that the key can open your lock. If this is not the case then you may return the key for a refund of the costs of both the key and the cutting. This guarantee does not apply to a key cut from a keycode.

Silca Futura

we also cut third-party keys (no guarantee)

Keys you have bought elsewhere, you can also have cut by us. However, we do not give the guarantee that the key will open your lock. It may be that the blade was not manufactured to accurate dimensions.

we cut almost anything

We cut most types of keys: cylinderkeys, laserkeys, keys with shells, separate blades, house keys, dimple keys, tibbe and chubb keys, VATS keys, tubular keys and Porsche 928 keys. Do you want to know what type of key you have? See our page Key Types. We have several keycutting machines, including a modern and advanced electronic machine.

Pricelist Keycutting Service

Key type
Key bought from usKey bought elsewhere
cutting cylinderkeyfree€ 5,00
cutting laserkey€ 10,00€ 18,00
cutting dimple key € 10,00€ 18,00
cutting tibbe and chubb key€ 10,00€ 18,00

Having Your Keys Cut

  1. Send the key securely wrapped to our postal address in Enschede (NL) or Gronau (DE).
  2. We create an order for you. You pay the invoice.
  3. We process your order. We return the keys to you within a few days.

We do not have a visitor address. We sell via car fairs and over the internet. You can also have your key cut at a car fair that we attend. See our Classics Fair Calendar.

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