Key by Code

You are ordering a cut cylinder key (see also: Special Keys for Classic Cars), cut from a key code. You will receive a normal after-market key (not original). The new key will not have a space for a transponderchip or remote control circuit board. This form is only for vehicles with a manufacture date up to 1995. Cutting to code costs 10 euro in addition to the price of the key.

The key code is a code from the lock manufacturer and specifies which key opens the lock. On our page Finding a Key Code you will find more information.

We use several code programs and books to derive the right cut key from the key code. We also have a lot of know-how. We check your key code against other details you have give us, such as car make, model and year of manufacture.

Limited guarantee

We guarantee that your key is cut correctly. We do not guarantee that the key will open your lock, because your lock may have been changed, polluted or damaged.

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