Lockservice - Terms and Conditions

version 2.7, 21 Februar 2024

  1. The Lock Service restores the functional use of the lock and produces one working key. The quality of the lock determines to what extent the functionality can be restored. Unless the customer has made an agreement about this, Carkey Luke does not pay attention to the housing and the electrical part. Carkey Luke determines how the agreed results will be achieved. If there is no reason for Carkey Luke to open the lock, Carkey Luke is not obliged to do so.

  2. If Carkey Luke makes a key from a keycode, then Carkey Luke will not pay attention to the functioning of the lock, regardless of its condition.

  3. After receiving the lock, Carkey Luke will determine what the lock service order will cost and will provide the customer with a quotation. The quotation is based on the observable condition of the lock. The delivery time is specified as part of the quotation. Carkey Luke is committed to realise the delivery time, however, exceeding it does not lead to dissolution of the agreement.

  4. If the customer does not accept the quotation or if it turns out that the condition of the lock is so bad that the order cannot be carried out, then the customer pays the research and administrative costs and shipping costs for returning the lock. If the customer cancels the order after the customer has accepted the quotation, then the customer pays the cancellation fee and the shipping costs for returning the lock.

  5. If during the processing of the order it becomes apparent that the condition of the lock is different from what was initially observed, then the customer will receive a second quotation. If the customer does not accept this second quotation, the customer will pay the "labour for lock with unbudgeted costs" plus the shipping costs.

  6. The payment has to be made no later than the time of delivery.

  7. In case the postal company cannot deliver the shipment to the customer and Carkey Luke sends the lock again, the price will be increased with the new shipping costs.

  8. If Carkey Luke cannot deliver the lock to the customer because the customer does not cooperate, Carkey Luke will consider the lock forfeited after a period of one year. The ownership will then pass to Carkey Luke. At that moment all obligations that have come into existence through the order will mutually expire. Among others the following is considered as non-cooperation: providing an incorrect postal address, not paying for the order and ceasing communication with Carkey Luke.

  9. If the lock under the care of Carkey Luke becomes defective or lost, Carkey Luke will supply the customer with a comparable lock or the customer will pay a market compensation, up to a maximum of three times the price of the order. The option choice lies with Carkey Luke.

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