Classic Car Lock Service

Lock Service for Classic Cars

We restore the functioning of your lock and produce a working key. Our lock service is for classic cars and other vehicles. Your lock will be restored in a professional manner and will last for years. In the past twenty years we have serviced thousands of locks. We can also chrome-plate your lock(s), this is done by a professional third party.

In the past twentyfive years we have restored thousands of locks.

Classic Car Lock Restauration
Classic Car Lock Restauration
Classic Car Lock Restauration


  1. Fill out the lock service order form and send us your lock/locks (Contact details).
  2. You receive a quotation from us. You accept the quote.
  3. We process the lockservice order.
  4. You receive our invoice and pay.
  5. We ship the lock/locks back to you.

By accepting the quotation you agree to our Lock Service terms and conditions and General terms and conditions.

Delivery Lead Time and Quick Service

We have limited capacity available, unfortunately. It is very difficult to find personnel who are sufficiently qualified in the restauration of oldtimer locks. The delivery lead time can be long. In autumn/winter the delivery lead time is longer than in spring/summer. Please contact us to find out the current delivery lead time.

We also offer a quick service: the order is then given priority and the delivery time is two to three weeks. You pay 50 percent extra for a quick service order.


The prices below are for locks in normal condition. The price is higher for locks with damage or excessive wear, for locks with missing or modified parts and for non-original locks. After we have received the lock you receive a quotation from us. The quotation is based on the observable condition of the lock. If you do not accept the quotation then you will pay an administrative and shipping fee. If you accept the quotation then you do not pay the administration fee.

If you cancel the order after you have accepted the quotation, you pay the cancellation fee and the shipping costs. If during the processing of the order it becomes apparent that the condition of the lock is different from what was initially observed, then you will receive a second quotation. If you do not accept the second quote then you pay the "labour for lock with unbudgeted costs" and the shipping charge.

Pricelist Lock Service  (for locks in a normal condition)
Cylinderkey LocksPrice
cut cylinderkey standard lock€ 148,00
cut cylinderkey ignition lock€ 228,00
cut cylinderkey to keycode and lock€ 28,00
cut cylinderkey, copy€ 5,00
Laserkey LocksPrice
cut laserkey standard lock€ 198,00
cut laserkey ignition lock€ 248,00
cut laserkey to keycode and lock€ 38,00
cut laserkey, copy€ 9,00
Locks special bladesPrice
For special blades (such as tibbe, chubb, vats, simplex, pebra and dimple) there is a surcharge of about € 20,00
research and administration costs if you do not accept the quotation€ 8,00
cancellation fee€ 40,00
labour for lock with unbudgeted costs€ 40,00
chromeplating lock partsbased on quotation

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