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Opel 2-button key

product: kpb179

Opel 2-button key
€ 15,95
the 2nd one costs only € 10,37
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Opel 2-button key Opel 2-button key Opel 2-button key Opel 2-button key


Opel key without electronics. The distance between the shoulder and the tip of the blade is 28mm. The shoulder is the widening halfway the keyblade. It can be that your original key has a thin groove in the middle of the blade, in that case this product is also a suitable replacement. The thin groove has no function in the lock. If your key has a deeper and wider groove then you may need product kpb292. Measure the distance between shoulder and tip to find out what key you need. This key has a space for a transponderchip. This is a Silca product. We also have a budget version of this product: kpb290.

When your key shell is worn or damaged then you can use this product to restore your key. You just transfer over the electronics from your old Opel key. No programming is needed. Using this key shell you pay much less than at a dealer.

If your Opel key looks the same as in the pictures then this product is suited for you. You can also look at the product list for your model Opel. Please note that the list can be incomplete. If you are not sure, then you can email us a photo of your key.

For Models

Suitable for, among others: Opel Agila.

General Properties
classificationpanel key
produceraftermarket manufacturer
length95 mm
weight18 gram
number of buttons2
keyblade presentyes
keyblade typecylinder key
keyblade bladenumberHU133R, HU87R
battery typeCR1616 battery
battery suppliedno
circuit board suppliedno
transponderchip suppliedno
Prepare for Use
transfer existing keybladenot possible
cut keybladeyes
transfer existing electronicsyes
programming needednot necessary

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