Classic Car Keys

Keys for Classic Cars

As a classic car key specialist we have an assortment of over 2.000 different key blanks for classic cars. We have the expertise to determine what key blank you need. When cutting your classic car key we are able to make corrections for wear. We can also help with torn or broken keys.

Keys Cut to Code

We can supply you with a key to a keycode. We guarantee the correct cutting of the key. We do not guarentee that the key will open your lock, because your lock may have been changed, polluted or damaged. Based on a keycode we can only supply you with a mechanical key, without a transponderchip (pre 1996). More information about keycodes you can find on our page Finding a Key Code.

Special Keys (Special Keyblades)

We can also duplicate non-cylinderkeys. As a carkey specialist we have many machines to cut a range of different blades. Keys that we can duplicate: cylinderkeys, laserkeys, Ford Tibbe keys, Ford Chubb keys, Jaguar Tibbe keys, BMW en Mercedes Pebra keys, Porsche 928 keys, tubular keys, GM VATS keys, dimple keys, simplex keys and cruciform keys.

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