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A familiar face

Carkey Luke is a locksmith that has been serving the classic car market for almost 20 years. Carkey Luke is a familiar face at classic car events in western Europe. We have helped over 100.000 customers with new keys.

Specialist in keys for classic cars

Silca FuturaWe not only have popular keys, but we keep our inventory of blanks as complete as possible. We are committed to serving as many classic car and motorcycle owners as we can. We have the most comprehensive stock of keys for classic cars and motorcycles in Europe.

An array of equipment

We continuously invest in new equipment. Besides machines for the duplication of traditional cylinder keys, we also have machines for the duplication of modern keys. We also have code machines, for cutting keys to code. We also have machines for the duplication of transponder keys. Finally, we have code programs and books.

Establishment in Gronau

In April 2017 we have opened a new establishment in Gronau, Germany. This location gives us space to expand. At the new location we will continue to developed as a carkey specialist. At the location we are better able to help customer with modern carkeys. Keyprof Luke continues to be involved in the company and we will continue to offer the same high quality as before.

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  • 20 Years Experience
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